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Jersey Framing Sydney & Melbourne

We Frame It also does jersey framing, whether it’s just a jersey or other sport memorabilia like cricket gear that you have to be framed (ticket stubs, posters, autographed letters or whatever else). It doesn’t have to be signed by famous players after the grand final either. What better way to remind your kids of the games you watched together or the team they played in at school sport than framing the jersey they wore during that time?

Help your signed jersey keep its value

Everyone loves their favourite sport, their favourite team and sometimes some of us are lucky to be at those special games or get close to our favourite players. Not only are these moments rare and precious, and to be treasured forever, you could be in possession of a lifetime investment that will only increase in value as the years go by. Imagine how you’d feel if something happened to the jersey or any signatures on it – doesn’t even bear thinking about in our opinion.

Get in touch for a unique, custom designed jersey frame

Jersey framing in Sydney and Melbourne are already popular, in demand service but we also take orders from anywhere in Australia and overseas. All you have to do is send us an e-mail ( or give us a call on 1300 855 652.

For sentimental reasons or for collectible ones, a jersey is something it’s always a good idea to frame in a Flat frame or Box frame, and We Frame It offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job so you have nothing to lose.