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Block Mounting

Block mounting can really make your special photos stand out from all the rest, and offers lasting protection for your precious images. The laminated finish is also clean and stylish.If you want something other than a traditional photo frame finish and look then this option might be for you. It can also work if you’re unsure of the final hanging spot because block mounting is so versatile.To order your photo or poster to be block mounted simply follow the 3 step process below and make sure you upload the photo or image you want mounted.

High quality MDF or Gatorboard block mounting: We Frame It offers 9mm MDF or 20mm Gatorboard block mounting and printing and laminating services. The film is high quality texture. If you choose the special UV protection Gatorboard mount then there is a small additional charge. E-mail or call us to discuss your options on 1300 855 652 if you are trying to decide between the two.

Block mounting posters: More than just your photos or paper can be block mounted. Posters also look great this way and there is no better way to preserve an important large document.

Why go with block mounting?                                                                                                 

Block mounted pieces are protected from dirty finger marks, fading from sunlight, dirt and moisture. The finish is smooth and unobtrusive, making block mounted pieces ideal for any type of décor, modern or classic.

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