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Jersey Framing

Jersey Framing

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Jersey framing is the best way to show our love to sport! It’s important to know what is the best way to frame your sport jersey in a way that will enable you to create great memorabilia.

We just had one of the best soccer teams in the world playing hear in Australia- Manchester united. After big games we usually like to enjoy the sweet memories and often want to keep souvenirs. One of the best souvenirs is a signed Jersey. Wouldn’t you want to display that on your wall and show it off?

So how do you frame a Jersey? What’s the different between a flat and box frame? Can you add photos and plaques?

There are two main ways to frame your jersey- flat or box. A box frame lays your jersey out in a deep frame, sought of like a mini display box often faced with glass. If you are looking for that WOW affect, the main feature of this kind of frame is the deep 3D affect it gives. A Box frame is by far the more impressive way to go. And you can even enhance this by having two different colors for the backing, which we call ‘mat board’.

Flat Frame, as the name suggests, lays your sports jersey out in a flat frame, just like a picture frame. For this reason, flat frame is the cheaper way to go. While it is less impressive than box frame, it still looks good and makes for an impressive display of your sports memorabilia.

There are several steps in framing your Jersey:

  • First, determine the size (S,M,L,XL) of your jersey. This will help you pick the right size frame and mat board. If you’re not sure, than just use a tape measure.
  • Select a mat board of your colour choice, 5 to 7 cm bigger than your jersey.
  • Lay the mat board down, display side up, and spread the jersey out on it. Carefully arrange the sleeves, collar and edges the way you’d like it displayed.
  • Next, you will use a needle and thread to stitch the jersey to the mat board in arrangement you have chosen. The areas you want to attach are the neckline just behind the collar, along the top of the shoulders, the end of each sleeve, and along the bottom edge. The idea is to delicately stitch the back of these areas to the mat board so that jersey is displayed but the stitches are invisible.
    • Once the jersey is attached to the mat board, gently place them inside the frame.
    • All you need to do now is hang it up on the wall, and brag to you all your friends about it!

One thing I like to do with jersey framing is to add photos. Adding a photo gives the display a personal touch. It makes your creation a unique piece of sporting memorabilia – highly collectable. It also makes it more interesting and more captivating to look at.

Another feature you can add to your jersey framing is a plaque. Engraving the date and name of the event adds historical relevance, and elegance to your piece. It’s a great touch, making the whole experience unforgettable.