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Interior Design and Picture Framing

Interior Design and Picture Framing

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The finishing touches to your house design are the most important ones to complete. Sometimes people are so caught up with the big items that they forget that the small additions are just as important. Picture framing, mirrors, oil paintings and photo framing all help capture your personality and complete your unique design.

We can see the importance of frames in shows such as The Block or House Rules, where the right choice can increase the value of the house and create a better impression. In these shows each item makes an important contribution to the final look of the house. For example, a special mirror above the bed can help create the illusion of a bigger room and present a unique style.

Mirrors can be much more than a simple reflection of your image. I love the idea offered in the HGTV blog about how a mirror can add drama to your house design. In her article, Farima Alavi shows how a three piece mirror can help create a dramatic effect that can wow your guests. It’s also very important to fit the mirror that you choose to the room you wish to decorate. Living room mirrors will be different from bedroom mirrors, so keep this in mind when you select your next mirror.

Designing your house can take time and effort until you find the right style for you. Another way to decorate your house is with decorative frames around your family photos and art pieces. Decorative frames can help with the finishing touches to your interior design. For example, if you have a small oil painting you can make it look more impressive with a beautiful golden or wooden frame. In the Home-life blog they suggest grouping several family photos together in the same frame and mat to create a beautiful feature wall. The colour of the frame depends on your furniture design and colour combinations. Personally, I think that it also depends on the item you wish to frame. If you have a family photo, a silver frame can give your house a modern look. If you have an impressive oil painting, a golden frame can give it a classic look. These design tips can help you with your decisions.

In the show The Block you can see that a room is not complete without an impressive artwork decorating the walls. Don’t be afraid to put bold artwork on your walls, but you will need to consider several things: the size of the wall, the colour of the room, the style of the room and most importantly your taste! The right frame can make a big difference in creating the WOW factor in your house.

So next time you think about interior design don’t forget to choose the right frame for your wall. The best tip I can give you from my experience in design is to always remember that the small details are sometimes the most important!