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Jersey Framing

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Jersey framing is the best way to show our love to sport! It’s important to know what is the best way to frame your sport jersey in a way that will enable you to create great memorabilia. We just had one of the best soccer teams in the world playing hear in Australia- Manchester united. […]

Interior Design and Picture Framing

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  The finishing touches to your house design are the most important ones to complete. Sometimes people are so caught up with the big items that they forget that the small additions are just as important. Picture framing, mirrors, oil paintings and photo framing all help capture your personality and complete your unique design. We […]

How to Frame a Print

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Mat and Mounting Boards The first two things you will need are a ‘mat-board’ and a ‘mounting board’. The mounting board is used to mount the print and hold it in place. The mounting board goes behind the print in the frame. The mat board goes in front of the print in the frame, with […]

Framing Tips

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  You’ve been staring at that empty wall for awhile now. It’s been bugging you what to hang on it. But there’s so many factors to consider when trying to choose the right photo, print, or original piece of art. First of all, whatever you hang has to be the focal point. This also means that you’ll […]

How To Frame an Oil Paintings

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An oil painting, in its basic form is still an unfinished product. In order to display it properly, you will need to frame it. This provides protection over the long term, and finishes off the outside edges of the painting to make it look beautiful. Selecting a Frame Traditionally, frames come in standard sizes, which […]